Taking performance from Good to Great

When the striving stops, and the learning slows down good recruiters can lose their mojo.

Keeping sharp, staying challenged and refining skills reignites the internal fire in the experienced consultant.

Don’t wait until results are suffering – invest in people’s continued success now.

Who is Advanced Recruiting Skills for?

Proven billers who are seeking to increase personal billings.

Experienced consultants looking for a structured approach to their own development.

New hires with experience who want to get off to a flying start in their new job.


£ 549 + VAT
  • Includes access to 13 live Q&A sessions

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This module covers:

This module covers:

This module covers:

This module covers:

This module covers:


Every week join Jeremy online for a Live Q&A to get additional support. These sessions able you to receive live coaching to any of your recruitment challenges.


Hi – I’m Kirstie one of the Co-Creators of Rookie2Recruiter.

So, you’re looking for training for your experienced consultants to help them push onto the next level. 

Maybe their billings have plateaued or bad habits and shortcuts have started to creep in.

Or, you’ve just hired new team members who already have some recruitment experienced and you want to make sure they get off to the best start.

Use the form on the right to book your completely free, no obligation, zero sales pressure (I think you get the picture) session with me and we can talk about your current training needs, I can show you some of the Rookie2Recruiter content and answer any questions you may have.

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Take a sneak peak at the Rookie2Recruiter content ...

Now available ...

Sales Accelarator

From resourcer to 360, or simply upskilling and refreshing the sales team – The Sales Accelerator takes you through the entire business development journey. Combining email sequences, Linkedin tactics and telephone based sales. The full package to create consistent sales success.

For the next step...

First Steps into Leadership

Balancing personal billings with the leadership of others is a big step. First Steps into Leadership gives your emerging leaders exactly the right blend of management tactics and leadership strategy to confidently take ownership of the performance of others.

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