For the future unicorn finders ...

Delivery Consultants are the engine room of your business.

They're the reason your clients work with you and will be the reason they continue to return.

Finding and engaging with talent, especially in specialist markets, is a tough gig.

Set your team up to succeed with up-to-date techniques that make them stand out from all of the noise and engage fully with candidates.

Who is the Delivery Consultant programme for?

Dedicated Delivery Consultants and those working in a Resourcing role.

Trainee Recruitment Consultants who are brand new to the industry.

Inexperienced Consultants (<18 months) who need to build stronger foundations

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Module #1 - Getting Ready

This first module outlines what to expect from this Rookie2Recruiter programme as well as giving an overview of what it takes to succeed within recruitment. We also take a big picture view of the entire recruitment process (both Permanent and Contract) – from new job to successful placement and where the delivery element focuses.

Module #2 - Finding Candidates

Being able to find people that your competitors can’t is what will make you stand out in the market. While looking at where to find people and the lifecycle of a candidate we’ll also help you build robust searching skills using boolean and deductive logic to expand your reach. 

Module #3 - Engaging Candidates

This module focuses on the multiple methods you have as a Recruiter to reach out to talent in your marketplace. We’ll look at writing job adverts and mailshots, using social media and direct messages as well as referrals to expand your network. We’ll also look at that vital step of how to sell your opportunity to a prospective candidate once you have their attention.

Module #4 - Assessment and Qualification

Looking beyond matching keywords from a job description this module focuses on how to assess the capability, motivation and suitability of a candidate. Once shortlisted this module will also help you present them to your clients.

Module #5 - Placing People Into Jobs

Now we focus on the real killer control moments of the process – from interview management through to offer management this module ensures your placement stays on track.

Module #6 - Getting Unstuck

Is there part of the process where it just won’t click? Maybe no one is calling you back, or maybe you can’t find anyone for the job or maybe your adverts aren’t working and no one is applying. In this final module we’ll help get you unstuck and back on track to making successful placements.


£ 250 + VAT
  • Access for 1-4 consultants
  • Delivery Consultant Programme
  • The Sales Accelerator
  • Advanced Recruiting Skills
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions


£ 350 + VAT
  • Access 5+ consultants
  • Delivery Consultant Programme
  • The Sales Accelerator
  • Advanced Recruiting Skills
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions


£ 600 + VAT
  • Unlimited Access For The Whole Team
  • Delivery Consultant Programme
  • The Sales Accelerator
  • Advanced Recruiting Skills
  • Performance Focused Leadership
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions
  • Fortnightly LIVE Leadership Q&A


Every week Jeremy holds a LIVE Q&A sessions for everyone enrolled on the Productivity Unleashed programme. These sessions enable your consultants to receive live coaching on any of their recruitment challenges. As well as act as an accountability group to keep their learning on track.


Hi – I’m Kirstie one of the Co-Creators of Rookie2Recruiter.

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Now available ...

Sales Accelarator

From resourcer to 360, or simply upskilling and refreshing the sales team – The Sales Accelerator takes you through the entire business development journey. Combining email sequences, Linkedin tactics and telephone based sales. The full package to create consistent sales success.

Advanced Recruiting

When the striving stops, and the learning slows down, good recruiters can lose their mojo. Keeping sharp, staying challenged and refining skills reignites the internal fire in the experienced consultant.
Don't wait until results are suffering - invest in people's continued success now.

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