Is it time to start rethinking Recruiter’s benefits packages?

I’ve been doing a lot of research recently as we grow our Rookie2Recruiter platform and have probably read in the last month alone somewhere in the region of 1,000 job adverts for Trainee Recruitment Consultant or Graduate Recruitment Consultant.

Most follow a similar format …

“fastest growing recruitment business in the UK”

“award-winning training”

“uncapped commission”

But lately it’s the incentives that have really caught my attention.

Things like:

Multiple trips abroad a year

Monthly lunches at top restaurants

Rolex watches

An interesting piece of research recently (link below) found that 4 out of 5 employees believe that their employer should help with the cost of living crisis.

It found that:

  • Increase in salary, contribution to bills, and introduction of travel allowance are top support measures wanted by employees
  • 27% say their employer has promised to help with rising living costs but has failed to deliver
  • 48% say the cost of living crisis is impacting their mental health

Yet very few of the adverts I’m seeing seem to be addressing this.

Even those who claim “all expenses paid trips” – is it? Are you also giving a clothing allowance for an updated holiday wardrobe? Passport renewal? Childcare? Pet boarding? Airport parking?

Monthly lunches at top restaurants – do they have an all you can eat option with a doggy bag as then maybe it’ll stock a fridge for the rest of the month?

A rolex – really? When the average graduate is leaving university £45,800 in debt.

Of the 100’s of adverts I have read over the last few weeks two stood out as businesses that were obviously considering the current position of future employees.

One offers “help with buying your first home” with access to a mortgage broker and finance manager.

Another offers “financial education” and a “health cash plan”.

Isn’t it time we stop incentivising with material goods?

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