7 Ways to Stand Out and Attract Top Talent

We all know how difficult hiring new employees can be. With so many recruitment businesses out there, it’s tough to stand apart from the crowd and get prospective talent interested in your business model before they even start interviewing!

In this blog post we will share seven ways you could use if want bring top-notch people into YOUR company – read on…


A showcase video as to what makes your agency stand out for rookies – get creative. Pay a professional if you feel you need to. A gimbal, a tour of the office and a warm welcome video starts the onboarding early.


Get your “work for us” page to become a rookie talent magnet, embed video, testimonials, client portfolios, day in the life articles, quizzes (are you right for us? Are we right for you?) and training plans.


Instagram, Tik Tok and Snapchat stories are all hot channels to create engaging content.


Interviews with the team about why they joined and stayed < authentic, from the heart.No scripts.


Look at your local Universities, colleges and feeder businesses. A CRM to manage your referral channels and talent nurture (slightly off piste, but if you’re not networking today with the experienced recruiters you want to hire is six months, you’re always going to be hiring from cold).


Your existing team may know someone. It could be that there are people on your database who are candidates with industry experience who could transition into being a consultant. A wiser head, more life experience and lots of situational fluency with candidates and clients.


Offer students undergraduate work to immerse themselves in recruitment as their placement year. Or consider giving them paid work to support their studies – writing content, research work, deep dive market analysis, database cleansing – there are agencies who have students working weekends updating with candidates when they are easier to contact.

Bonus tip ...

Review the adverts you are competing against …

Read them as a rookie not as a recruiter with experience. Be less judgy about the other agencies and look at what works in each. Also notice how in all the attempts to be different they are so similar.

Tear up the rule book and write copy that sells with emotion.

This is worth paying a professional copywriter to do for you.

Looking for more help?

We’ve created the definitive guide on how to successfully hire trainee recruiters to grow your business. 

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